We are entering an era of accelerating automation that will certainly transform millions of jobs.1 Therefore, the world desperately needs a solution that can sustain society by sharing profits from the trillion dollar opportunity Artificial Intelligence will create.2

There are many companies focusing on enterprise solutions but they are not using technologies, nor targeting markets, for mass adoption. Hence, we need a company to bring AI to the masses, the actual masses.

The products we are building will allow creators to profit from the AI revolution by monetizing applications, datasets, and models. We will accomplish this in three multi-year phases:

  1. An application to enable creators access to modern AI solutions, taking advantage of new hardware and technology.
  2. A cloud service for creators to build AI applications to expand our platform and reach.
  3. A marketplace for creators and users that enables monetizing their models; unleashing profits for users, creators, and partners.

Our team culture is based on ownership and a belief that our skills are equally as valuable.

1. The Future of Jobs Report. World Economic Forum, Geneva, Switzerland, 2020.
2. Big Ideas Report. ARK Investment Management LLC, New York, USA, 2020.